Roofus Goes to Paris

My brother went to Paris a few years ago for his birthday, and he found Roofus sitting atop a statue.  So this is where he goes when he isn’t sitting on the roof of the old Victorian building next door.

According to my brother, this was taken on a clear November day:

I took the picture in Paris, not too far from the Louvre.  It’s in a city park that used to be the site of the Guillotine that beheaded so many people during the French Revolution.  I don’t remember who this guy is, but he definitly has some pent up angst.  Anyway, I was thinking that it would make a great Rufus shot for your blog.  Maybe you could start a contest to see what countries Rufus has been visiting?

He must be at least trilingual, because I have heard rumors that he sometimes winters in Baja.


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